Prayers God Answers.

God is all loving. And He is ever waiting, always ready to help anyone. Including you and I, who runs to Him for help. Most, have wondered if God is our creator, our Father, who should know everything about everyone, including their ptoblems. If it’s true that God loves us and knows everything about us, then does anybody need to go to Him in prayers before He provides answers. The answer is, ‘Yes’.

Yes, you need to go to Him in prayers. Prayers to God Almighty is a practical demonstration of your total submission to Him and acceptance of Him, as your only source of strength and hope. It is also a practical recognition of God as your creator and the only highest authority, you worship and obey.

Prayers offered in total submission to God and in total recognition of the incontrovertible supremacy of the Almighty God, is the only one that moves God to act. In other words, a prayer offered by a heart that is wholly focused on God and that completely trusts and beliefs in God, is the prayer that rises to God and gets answered by Him.


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