If You know This, You Will Know No Disappointment.

For the Scripture says, ‘I chose a valuable stone, which i am placing as the cornerstone in Zion, and whoever believes in Him will never be disappointed’. -1 Peter 2 : 6.

With Jesus Christ as your Lord, you realize that;

1. Failure is the beginning of your success story, that is, if you don’t give up and if you keep on believing’.

2. Experiencing the dark side of life is a test of your determination to survive and succeed,

3. To be a great teacher, a great leader and a great model, you must have a near unbelieveable but true personal breakthrough story to tell others. Others must see you as the living testimony of what God can do for those who believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

So, run to Jesus Christ today, the only true friend, anybody can have,


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