You Don’t Get What You Ask From God Because Your Intentions Are Evil: James 4 : 2 – 3.

God is Holy, God is The Truth, God is everything beautiful and God is everything Good. So, God can only give good things to those who desire them for the sake of using same to advance goodness. You might have been asking God for a particular thing for a long time without getting it. Check again, your motives for making that request. Are your motives selfish or evil. Do you want to have what you are desiring for the purpose of using it to oppress those around you or to seek revenge and command patronage? If any of these is your motive, then, I am afraid, you may wait endlessly for a request that may never be granted by God. So, sit down and search your soul sincerely, then do your best to align your desires with God’s plans for you. God bless.


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