At God’s Command, Amazing Things Happen.

Job 37:5 “At God’s command amazing things happen, wonderful things that we can’t understand.(Good News
Translation (GNT)).

At God’s command, dry bones come back to life and live again;

God’s breath freezes the waters and turns them to solid ice,

At God’s command, the wild animals go to their dens,

At God’s command, amazing things happen.

So, no situation could overwhelm you, if you could get God to give His command. Nothing would any more be bigger than you if you would call upon the Biggest, The Almigkty to take over your life and lead you to still waters to quench your thirst and give you rest in the most pleasant of places.

If you would surrender to God today, you would never surrender to anybody and any situation, any more. Make God your Rock today because at His command, through Christ Jesus, every knee bows.


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