At God’s Appointed Time.

It’s a dream that wouldn’t allow you to sleep. You have been working so hard at making it become a reality but it still remains a dream.

Now, you are beginning to worry, to doubt your abilities and the existence of God. It’s now a habit of yours to complain to every Tom, Dick and Harry you meet. Hey! Stop it!! Can’t you see that some of your friends and family are barely tolerating your presence, while some are avoiding you completely? So grap a hold of yourself, you have done your part of the deal; the hard work, leave what to you seems impossible to God. Wait on God to do it for you at His (God’s) APPOINTED TIME.

At God’s appointed time, He shall restore more than 100 fold to you, the years the locust have eaten. Can’t He do it? Then check out the story of Job in the Bible. Never doubt God for a moment, trust in God completely for the whole world is His palm. He created the world and everything, so He can do anything He likes with it and no one can question Him.

God assures you at Habakkuk 2:3 (NIV) – “For the revelation
awaits an appointed
time; it speaks of the
end and will not
prove false. Though
it linger, wait for it;
it will certainly come
and will not delay.”

So, are you ready to keep that appointment with God at God’s appointed time?


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