Lead Me.

My God, I am helpless without You but with You dwelling in me, I am standing on a solid ground.

With You, dwelling in me O my God, I am walking in certainty within those large footprints You have made in the sand for me. And I can never miss my way even when I falter. Even when I falter, I still succeed because I am not living my life my way but I am living my life your way.

My God, even though I know that You are dwelling in me, I am still human. Sometimes, I still feel weakened by doubts and unbelief. At such moments, please my Father, heal me of my doubts and unbelief and continue to strengthen me. Continue to hold me by my right hand and lead me to higher grounds of total spiritual submissiveness to your Sovereignty and to your Divinity. Lead me to where I can trust completely in You without any doubts and unbelief. Please, my God and my Saviour lead me and never let go of me. Amen.


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