Your Harvest Time Is Coming Soon.

Your harvest time is coming soon.

You have planted before and harvested nothing. It was disappointing and maybe frustrating. The time you set for the harvest wasn’t The LORD’s, so destroyers left nothing for you on the farm, to harvest. Very soon, you are going to harvest to meet your immediate needs and still have surplus. You will have enough to eat and surplus to save up for rainy days. You will have enough to reinvest in profitable ventures that will guarantee continuous inflow of revenue. You will never lack again and this is going to happen very soon.

So, turn to the LORD for direction and support. Lean not on your own understanding and wisdom but lean completely on The LORD for everything you want and He will make them available to you at His harvest time. Work hard and pray hard, The LORD is always ready to listen to your humble prayers and to answer them at His right time of harvest.

The LORD has promised a bountiful harvest to you that trust in Him completely and He shall never fail to keep His promise.

Amos 9: 13a says,  “The time will come,” says the LORD, “when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested…”

Cast your burden on The LORD for your harvest time is coming soon.



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