God Is God.


God is God. It doesn’t matter whether few don’t believe in His existence. He is there, He is eternity, watching over the affairs of human beings from generation to generation.

God is continuously searching every where, searching the whole earth from end to end, for the next person to bless. Are you are willing to be that person? Do you want to enjoy God’s Blessings that are abundant and neyer dwindle? Then accept God as your Father. Stop doubting His existence, He is REALITY. And yes He can seen.

God can be seen every where, in everything He created. He can be seen in what you know and in what to you, is a mystery. He has made you in His likeness, this is Why you can see Him in you.

So, stop doubting and start believing in Him. Place yourself under His protection and in His custody, where you can live now and continue to live after now. Yes, without believing in the existence of God, you can get everything you want except life. You can’t get eternal life without God. God is God.


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