Jesus Christ Is Always Ready To Answer Your Call.

The ears of the Lord are attentively listening to hear you call out to Him in prayers when you are in trouble.

His protective arms are stretched out, waiting for you to run in and enjoy His warm embrace and stay protected against;-
those wild beasts that are fast closing in on you and threatening to tear you into pieces. But if you would call upon The Lord, you would realize that they can only bark but they can’t bite because they are toothless. They are toothless against you because your Lord, my Lord has fortified you. The Holy Spirit, The Comforter, given to all those who have accepted Jesus Christ as The Saviour of the whole world, has made you invisible, untouchable and indestructible. So call upon Him today and live in success, which is guaranteed to all those who dwell in the Holy presence of Jesus Christ.


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