Why Does God Let You Have Powerful Enemies?

Do you have enemies? Certainly. Do you sometimes wish some of them would cease to exist so that you could make progress? Maybe. Then why does God permit your enemies to be stronger than you and more powerful than you? Why are they so stubborn? Why have they refused to let you?

Your powerful enemies exist to make you realize how powerless you are without God. So when you realize how helpless you are, you are most likely going to turn to a force, more powerful than your most powerful enemy. Only one exist. God, Almighty is The One.

Now, when you turn to Him, He reduces your most powerful enemy to nothing and takes the glory. Turn to God with all your heart and He will blow away all your enemies with the air from His nostrils.

God does more than make your enemies powerless, when you turn to Him for help. He puts you where no enemy can get to you. He turns you into a fearsome being to your enemies. He blesses you by raising you to a higher level. He makes your ways prosperous. So turn to God for help against your enemies.


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