God: His Appointed Time, His Way And His Will For You.- Matthew 6:10.


Thy Will Be Done On Earth, as it is in heaven,.

Yet often you pray and hope for your OWN will to be done and not God’s will.

You ask God to give you something when it’s not His appointed time. When you fail to get it, you become disappointed, complain endlessly and ask God questions.

Has it ever occurred to you that when you take your request to God, His answer must be His Will and not your will? That God must do things His Way and not your way? And That God must give you the answer at His time?

God’s Will for you is the best. God’s will is the only answer that gives peace of mind and adds no sorrow. You wouldn’t want to have your heart desire today and lose it tomorrow, would you? So pray and wait on God for His Will to be done in your life.

God’s Way is not your way. His way is fautless and reliable. God’s way is mysterious, no one can comprehend it. So because no one can comprehend it, no one can stop the Will of God for you, from becoming active at His appointed time.

Getting answers to your prayers is a function of surrendering completely to God. It depends on your willingness to wait for God’s appointed time.

God created you and I at the right time. He allowed us to choose either to worship Him or to worship something else. And you have chosen to worship Him, haven’t you? So wait and get the best from Him at His appointed time.

God owns the time and seasons. He is the giver of life and He will keep you and preserve you until His will is done in your life at His appointed time.


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