Your Tomorrow Is God’swill.


Life has no meaning and holds no purpose when it gives you no reason to live through today to see tomorrow.

It is almost certain that you want tomorrow to come because your plans for tomorrow can’t be executed today. And it is highly probable that you have tied your personal happiness to the successful execution of those plans. So, it could be concluded that your personal happiness is put on abeyance until tomorrow comes. But tomorrow is not in your hands.

God is the owner of tomorrow. He has made everything and kept some back from happening until an appointed time. God works with time. God’s plans are activated in due seasons. And regardless of your will, it is God’s will that is the best and His will always prevails. It is His will that you must ask for at every time.

What is God’s will for you?

God’s will for you is that you may prosper in body and in soul all the days of your life. When God prospers you, your personal happiness is constant because God blesses without adding sorrow. Turn to God today through Jesus Christ.


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